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The life of a work at home mom is not so different from the life of a soldier. That is, theoretically speaking. Today, I have a bit of a call to action for you, or shall I say, a call to fight the biggest battle of your life. It comes from my wins and failures as a work at home mom, having to end multiple businesses, while also having a few very successful businesses. So what have I concluded with this difficult, yet amazing rollercoaster ride?

I’d rather aim high than take easy street. The world literally depends on it.

The Biggest Problem Standing in the Way of Your Success

Having a business and working from home with kids to take care of is hard. It’s like constantly being in battle from the moment you wake up. Some days, it really feels awful. Like those days that you woke up really early to work after staying up until 2am the night before. Your kid walks in at 6am and jumps on you saying, “Mommy, I’m hungry. I have to go pee pee. I want you.”

All you want to do is say, “Go get your own food. You can go to the bathroom on your own. You’re a big kid now.” Even though you know she’s only two years old and is still a little intimidated about sitting on the potty without mommy there to help.

You are literally on the battlefield. Every. Single. Day.

And you’re so exhausted.

So why not take easy street? Why not find a simple job where there’s not much demanded of you? Or why not just keep doing just enough to get by? Why not just keep existing and “surviving” day to day? Flip the tv on and plop the kids in front of it. Let it babysit them? Keep looking at everyone else who’s succeeding and wishing you could have the motivation they have.

That’s more doable right? It’s more realistic right?

What’s standing in your way then? Complacency is what’s standing in your way.

Well, if you keep on with the complacency you’re doing the world (yeah, the world) a disservice.

aim high

Read that quote again. It’s not a feminist quote at all. If it was, it’d be saying, “benefit of women” rather than “benefit of mankind”.

Do you realize how important you are? You are responsible for helping benefit mankind.

No more excuses and one small change that will boost your life and business

What do you do when life gives you such a hard time about everything? What do you do when failure after failure comes?

Like a soldier, you train, prepare, and fight.

Recently, I’ve started a study called “Lioness Arising- Wake Up and Change Your World”, by Lisa Bevere. It’s about how as a woman, you are a lioness in this world. The lioness is one of the best hunters of animal kind. Not the lion, the lioness. And the strength she contains, she uses for service.

The product or service that you offer the world is not strictly there to pay the bills and help you survive. It’s there as a tool to help you impact the world. And the attitude you keep during that journey is the one you’ll pass on to your children.

Having a business is not just about making money. It’s about building your character and the character of your kids. It’s not there to hold you back from your family. It’s not there for you to ignore your kids just to make money. It’s there as a tool to help you impact mankind. And it starts at home.

I end this with a call to fight.

Get out of your own head and stop living led by your feelings. Feelings change from moment to moment. What do you think would happen if world leaders, soldiers, olympians, teachers, doctors, and everyone else who is important lived led by their feelings? And why don’t you view yourself as just as important?

I’ve been guilty of the same. I’ve been affected by the weariness of life’s everyday tasks. But my work is just as important as yours is- whatever you do.

So go out there an be a lioness. It starts with your attitude. End the complacency. Step into the leadership role that you already hold.

Take the small, consistent steps it takes to continue the fight. When you keep going, you win the battle.

And that’s why I work hard to help you make everyday life a little bit easier. I’m really excited about the course I’m creating for you, it’s going to help streamline your life and business in major way.

But first, we’ll start with a challenge. I’m going to take the challenge right alongside you. It’s called the Ultimate Paper Cleanse. A 5 day cleanse for you that has nothing to do with food. It has to do with the paper clutter you fight every day. I’ll give you a little more info next week.

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