I hope your life hasn’t been as nutty as mine these last few weeks! Life has been emotional, exciting, or maybe I should just say “all of the above”.

I’ve been urging to write to you because I have so many updates for you that I’m really excited about. Stuff has been brewing left and right for me. First off, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I’ve been hanging out on Instagram a lot. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, seriously, just click here right now to follow me. It has been my main squeeze lately where I’ve been sharing the most intimate wisdom and life lessons.

Next order of business is, I have some great things lined up:

  • Frequent Periscopes and Facebook Lives. I’ll be linking to both at the end.
  • A brand spankin’ new Podcast! It’s been brewing in this little heart of mine for a very long time and I’m feeling it’s time to get it out into the world.
  • A couple of new courses for you.

Since I’ve got lots of work to do, I’ll be rolling each thing out, one by one.

Finally, for the great news! I just signed the lease last week for my beautiful new photography studio/office space. I shared a Facebook Livecast on the day (with over 1K viewers!) it all happened but I’ll be doing another tour tomorrow. It’s not very furnished yet but I’m reminding myself to embrace my humble beginnings.

But here’s the point of this email. It’s to share a little bit of what I’ve been going through with you. While great news always looks great on the outside, I don’t want to just tell you those things so you can say, “Oh look at her. She’s got it all together.”

Here’s the cold hard truth.

Any time in your life that you make BIG transitions, moves, big leaps, new commitments, it’s downright scary. Once the hype wears down and the excitement dies off, reality sets in. I’ve been faced with, “okay, now I’ve got lots of work to do”. I’ve got lots to line up and invest in. And the reality is, I need to help provide for my family. You see, the woman writing you this email isn’t some comfy little “stay at home mom” who’s husband pampers, showers with money and tells to chase her dreams. While I do have great loving support from my husband, I’m also relied on to bring in the other half of the income.

I have the same fears you do and every day, I’m facing the same decisions you’re facing. How do I deal with all of this? How do I get through this? How do I finish all of this? What if I…..fail?

And with that I’ll leave you with a verse that popped out at me recently and literally brought me to tears.

“The Lord directs my steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” ~Proverbs 20:24

Whoa. That’s what I’m always trying to do. I’m trying to figure everything out, find my own solutions, do everything my way. And that’s when I face overwhelm. 

Being brave doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have it all figured out. Being brave doesn’t even mean you’re a different breed of person who’s superhuman or something. It just means you push through the fear and do it anyways. You jump and grow your wings along the way. And that’s what I’m doing.

I don’t know what’s going to happen a year from now. Shoot, I don’t even know what the day will bring me tomorrow. All I need to know is that my days are already planned for me and that my solutions have already been found. I just need to push through my own fears and do only what’s in my power to do.

And that’s just a little piece of what I want to start sharing in my podcasts, periscopes, and any other way I can get the message to you. And obviously, all the hacks I use to stay this productive and get all this done! I hope that I can be a light in your life somehow.

Now you, go be the relentless woman you were made to be and achieve your dreams.

With love,


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