“Don’t define me by where you met me.” ?

Hello after so long! It has been way too long since I last reached out to you. It's about time I do. You see, it just dawned on me that I have quite the story to tell you about my crazy, ever-changing life. Do you even remember me? You may have joined my list from the...
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I have great news!

  I hope your life hasn't been as nutty as mine these last few weeks! Life has been emotional, exciting, or maybe I should just say "all of the above". I've been urging to write to you because I have so many updates for you that I'm really excited about. Stuff...
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Get Rid of Paper Clutter Once & For All

You know that bittersweet time of the year were in that causes so much anxiety? Yeah that's right- tax season. Ugh. Are you completely overwhelmed by the fact that the clock is ticking for tax time and you still haven’t gathered your paperwork? Or maybe you’re just...
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Free Class


Free Class Reveals... How Essential Oils Gave Me Peace- Plus The 3 Most Versatile Essential Oils I Use Daily (Including How to Get Them at a Bargain Price)"

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